Monday, February 27, 2017

Kitchen sink by Twenty One Pilots

This song called Kitchen Sink was created by twenty one pilots and is off of an album called Regional at best, created in 2011. The singer of the band, Tyler Joseph, put his heart and soul into this album and this song. He says that the song is extremely important to him and that when interviewers ask what the symbol for twenty one pilots means (|-/) he says it has a lot to do with kitchen sink. Tyler says a kitchen sink represents something to him. Something has happened for him at a kitchen sink and he wanted to write a song about it but he never told the story for an exact reason and that is for him to only understand it that way it means more to him. Tyler says: "“It represents having something that only I understand. I’m not going to tell you what a kitchen sink is to me.”
The song is about empathy and purpose which shows through various lyrics through the song. The "Leave me alone" and "Go away" parts I think mean he wants to be left alone to his own thoughts and be his own "shrink" which is also a lyric. He doesn't want to share his thought with others because he feels it would lose purpose. This song may just be about a simple kitchen sink to you but to him it means something really important. 
"At my kitchen sink. You don't know what that means. Because a kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me." 
Give kitchen sink a listen and give me your thoughts and theories on it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion is probably one of my favorite artists and has created so many inspiring and creative songs. Maybe IDK is my all time favorite songs by him and it means a lot to me. It  means a lot to me in a sense that I can relate to some of the lyrics and take them and make them into something more personal. So this is what this song means to me.

Maybe IDK is a song about confusion and purpose, being confused about your thoughts and what your purpose. This song also speaks about failing and how you can't succeed without falling which is where the lyrics "I guess if I never fell, I guess I wouldn’t need grace." which I try to understand the most because I give up way more often than I should because when I mess up I see messing up as a reason to give up not a reason to keep trying (normally why I also can't take constructive criticism). Having troubles figuring out what your thoughts mean or what's your purpose also really hits close to home because half the time when I'm in deep thought I don't even know what I'm thinking about and I feel like I still don't have a purpose and never will have one but, referring to the chores of the song, "maybe I don't know, but maybe that's okay," that maybe you don't need to know what your major purpose for life is. And you don't need to know your purpose at the moment, it takes time. I'm only 14 so yeah I haven't found a purpose but that's okay, as long as I keep living life to the fullest and try my best to succeed my goals. 

Give Maybe IDK a listen. This was all what the song means to me so give it a listen and tell me what you think about it and what you think the lyrics mean:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Albums, songs, and their deep meanings!

Putting meaning into songs, albums, and bands by what their lyrics say is probably one of my favorite things to do. If it's one of yours then you came to the right place. All though my thoughts on the songs or albums may be different, comment your thoughts on the song, or band, or album if you think my thinking of it wasn't accurate. I would like your feed back on what you think about what I'm writing and all. Thank you and stay tuned for more!